If you are an attorney or law office manager with judgements collecting dust on your shelf we can help. Even if you have given the judgment to a collection agency, we can help. Lets face it, dead beat debtors don't make you money. Often times  they can  cost you more than you can profit.

Collection agencies just churn the same old paper over and over, hoping against hope for a few dollars. We believe no part of your business, or ours, should be based on chance, hope or luck.

Our approach involves reaching into the very pockets of the dead beat debtor.  

Nationwide Judgment Collections.com, is a subsidiary of BR Group, llc. We have over two decades of experience pursuing dead beat debtors.  

No legal expenses are every charged back to the account. 

Now is the time to maximize the investment you've already made in getting a judgment for your clients. Carry that success across the goal line for them.

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