Turn Bad Paper into Cash

Nationwide Judgment Collections.com is here to help you put money in your pocket right away with any court judgement, in any jurisdiction. 

Experience You Can Trust

With well over 25 years of experience in dealing with judgments of all types you can rest assured that the team at Nationwide Judgement Collections.com will make you money. Nationwide is a division of Office of Mark Berman, llc. We offer professional legally compliant debt collection for your receivables and Professional Judgment Collection for your Judgments. We are the best answer to not using a conventional collection agency, we have solutions for all types of situations.

As you already know, it is much easier to get a judgment, than it is to enforce it.  Over 80% of all people who win in Small Claims Court never collect all of their money  

Nationwide Judgment Collections will purchase your judgments. The cash goes to you and you can leave the dead beats to us.

We know the ins and outs of going back into court and collecting from the deadest of deadbeats. We consider the following types of judgments:

  • Small Claims Judgments above $1,000
  • Special Civil Judgments above $1,000
  • Superior Court Judgments of any amount



Debt Collection and Judgment collection


If you or anyone or any Corporation you know has any type of judgement that remains uncollected, call us today 1-888-584-8999 for a free consultation, and find out how to 

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Turn Bad Paper Into Good Cash$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
or email us at CustomerService@NationwideJudgementCollections.com